Welcome Romance Author Alicia Dean

Hey Everyone!

Please give a warm welcome to romance author, Alicia Dean, as she shares her latest book releases with us, Cupid’s Beau and Liberty Awakened, Isle of Fangs, Book 1.

On Monday, Alicia will be giving away one of her books to one lucky commenter!

Hello Darcy. Thank you for having me on your blog today. Your website is lovely!

I appreciate the opportunity to talk about my latest releases. Yes, I said ‘releases’ as in plural, as in two. Because I’m some kind of masochist, I have two stories that came out, almost back to back. The two stories are as different as…well…Cupids and Vampires.

Although most of my books are a bit dark and creepy, my Valentine’s story, Cupid’s Beau, is most definitely not. The way the story came about is that I and six other authors were discussing writing short stories for a Valentine’s anthology. Plot ideas began rolling around in my mind, and I came up with an idea for a story where the heroine is a Cupid. The anthology didn’t happen, but the idea was firmly planted in my gray matter, so I had to write it. It didn’t ‘feel’ dark and creepy, so I didn’t write it that way. It was SO much fun. I really enjoyed doing something different and testing my ‘sweet romance’ writing chops.

cupid 200 wideBlurb for Cupid’s Beau:

Ivy Pierce is a Cupid who prides herself on doing her job well. Except when it comes to a certain human male, Grant Crawford. Although she doesn’t understand why, each time she’s supposed to shoot her arrow into his heart, her stomach hurts, her chest hurts, and she feels….sad. Cupids are never sad.

Humans who are not looking for love only get three chances to find it. And after Ivy sabotages Grant’s last chance, her boss, Aphrodite, sends her to earth to right her wrong. She has until Valentine’s Day to help him find his soul mate.

But the more she’s around him, the more she wants him for herself, even though she knows that can never be. A Cupid and a human? Unheard of.

As V-Day draws closer, can she sacrifice her own happiness to help the man she loves find his?

Here are the buy links to Cupid’s Beau.    Barnes & Noble     Amazon

Okay, Alicia, tell us about Liberty Awakened, Isle of Fangs, Book 1.

My other story is Liberty Awakened, Isle of Fangs, Book 1. This one has been in the works for months, and my target date was to have it out in January, so there you have it, two stories in one month.

Just as I thought I would never write a sweet romance, I also thought I would never write a Vampire story, since they’ve been done to…immortality. (I was going to say ‘done to death’ but we are talking about Vampires). I always said if I came up with a Vampire story that was different, I would write it. I feel this concept is a bit different. My story is set on a tropical island, my heroine is a descendant of the vampire hunter, Van Helsing, and I tried to stick more to the original vampire lore (no walking in daylight, they can’t see their reflection, they turn into bats, and they are adversely affected by garlic, holy water, and crosses.)

libertyawakened200Blurb for Liberty Awakened, Isle of Fangs, Book 1:

Evil lurks beneath the surface in the beauty of the tropics…

After graduation from her small, Oklahoma high school, Liberty Delacort is looking forward to a fun-filled summer before college. But when the people she trusts the most betray her, and a letter arrives claiming the father she thought was dead is still alive, she jumps at the chance to travel to an exotic island to meet him.

But her excitement is short-lived. Her father is dying, and he doesn’t want her around. In spite of its outward tranquility, the island is filled with danger and ominous secrets. Before long, the secrets begin to unravel. She learns she is a descendant of Van Helsing, the vampire hunter, and she must fulfill her destiny in order to save humans from a faction of vicious vampires. The only man who can help her learn the skills she needs is a volatile, hostile, vampire who wants her off the island.

Will her inexperience lead to her death—and the death of others—or will she rise to the challenge and realize her full potential as a Hunter?

Thank you for taking the time to stop in. If you pick up either of these, I hope you enjoy.

I am giving away a free copy of Cupid’s Beau and Liberty Awakened for the Kindle or Nook to one commenter. (If you are chosen and would prefer to ‘gift’ one or both to someone else, I can do that. Both stories might not be your cup of tea.)  The name will be drawn randomly and announced on Monday. Please be SURE to include your email address with your comment.

Here are the buy links for Liberty Awakened.  Barnes & Noble   and    Amazon

Find me at:

Twitter: @Alicia_Dean_



Thank you for stopping by, Alicia!


19 thoughts on “Welcome Romance Author Alicia Dean”

  1. Both books sound great, although I’m partial to dark and creepy (imagine that, lol!). I never thought I’d do a vampire book either, for the same reasons as you, and yet I’ve got one coming out in February myself. Never say never, I guess!

    jordanlhawk (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Have not read the Vamp book-not my thing…..can’t say that reapers or cupids are my thing either HOWEVER, Alicia Dean has a way of changing my mind about what “my thing is” everything I have read has captivated me! Looking forward to this series!!!!

  3. Alicia, your time management skills are amazing–as is your writing. I LOVED Cupid’s Beau (Ivy may have had a hard time hitting Grant’s heart, but she got mine, first shot.) And I can’t wait to read Liberty Awakened, Isle of Fangs, Book 1. Keep up the phenomenal work, because it gives me goals (so be it unattainable ones…) to reach for ❤

  4. Just finished Cupid’s Beau and really, really enjoyed it. My reading list tends to be darker and grittier too, but every once in a while it’s fun to dig into something light and fun. Cupid’s Beau did the trick. 🙂 Now…back to vampires!

  5. Stepping out of your comfort zone to write is a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed the experience. Is your vampire book YA? Based on her age, I thought it might be. Maybe the next blockbuster series!

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