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Sugar Today, On Hips Tomorrow

What is satisfying in the moment, but harmful in the long run?

Ok, I’m thinking food choices here, in case anyone’s wondering.

Sugar, sugar, sugar.
Sugar, sugar, sugar.

Yes, it’s that time if year, again. When we start thinking about losing…

Pounds off our hips and pounds out of out closets.

Of all New Years resolutions, dieting is third on the list, right behind getting fit, and spending more time with family and friends.

Dieting  and de-cltering.

For me they go hand in hand. It seems every time I think about losing a few pounds I gravitate to my closet where the racks are stuffed with at least four different sizes of clothing. For some reason they’re linked in my brain and I can’t seem to do one without tackling the other. Check out Darcy’s De-Clutterting Diet and Darcy’s De-Cluttering Diet Part 2. for a bit of inspiration.

How nice would it be to not only narrow my hips but my clothes size, as well. Just think of all the room I’d have in my closet for more cute clothes! 🙂

Lets talk about diets.

There are the biggies…

Weight Watchers

Nutri System


South Beach Diet


You can check out their websites and see what fits your lifestyle.

Then there’s…

Just plain ole’ eating healthy.

You know exactly what that means.  I like to follow doctors and chiropractors that recommend an Anti-inflammatory diet. Just Google that phrase and see what comes up.

I recently began following Dr. Steven Sisskind, M.D. Check out his website, RealDoseNutrition. I take one of his supplements and am on his emailing list. As an advocate of the anti-inflammatory diet, he’s fine-tuned healthy eating and weight loss into a simple booklet that’s easy to follow.

My favorite health newsletter is Alternatives, by Dr. David Williams. You do have to buy a subscription, but it’s truly some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

Another one of my favorite’s is Dr. Asa Andrew. He’s a natural medicine doctor and a chiropractor. His book, Empowering Your Health, was life changing for me. It’s available in most book stores and online. His anti-inflammatory diet is included in the book and it’s easy to follow. His book is inspirational and highly motivational.

But, until you get his book or something similar, here’s an abridged shopping list. If you start with these simple changes it will change your body and your life. You will feel better and naturally lose weight.

Farmer's Market
Farmer’s Market

First, eat lean meats, veggie’s and fruits. Organic and fresh when possible.

Second, omit all forms of sugar from your diet. This includes all white forms of carbohydrates. I know this may be hard for some of us, but try it for three months and you will never be the same. 🙂 After the three months, introduce healthy carbohydrates back into your diet and try to focus on gluten free where you can.

Variety is the spice of life! So…yes, you can occasionally have something sweet. But try to wait until after the three months.

Third, add omega 3’s to your diet. You can Google this but here’s a quick list: raw almonds, raw walnuts, lemon flavored Cod Liver Oil, [I take a tablespoon in the morning and one again in the evening.] Alaskan salmon: wild is best but if that’s not available buy farm raised or canned. Vital Choice Seafood is a great online source for wild. This is where I buy Dr. Perricone’s Anti-aging pack. It’s wild Alaskan salmon and organic frozen blueberries. 🙂

Fourth, move. Get up and walk. Fifteen, twenty minutes. Don’t stress over this. Just get moving. As a writer, I sit most of the time. Not good, folks. If you’re sedentary, like me, take frequent mini-walks. I like to dance, so the days I can’t walk, I’ll put on my iPod and dance around the living room. 🙂 [You’ll find that if you commit to fifteen minutes of walking, you’ll go longer.]

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Skinny 2013!

What do you want to change in 2013? Your waist line? Your closet clutter? Are you sick of feeling tired all the time? Would you like to lose a few pounds? Maybe, you’d simply like to manage the stress in your life.

How about spending more time with your family in 2013? It’s hard to say, no, with so many wonderful opportunities available to us. But sometimes, it’s something that simple, that helps us manage our time.

Have you tackled any of this before? If so, can you tell us your secrets to having more time, to stress management, weight loss or de-clutering your life?

I would love to hear from you. Connect with me on Facebook, I’d LOVE to be your friend!

32 thoughts on “Sugar Today, On Hips Tomorrow”

    1. WOW, Mona! That’s a terrific success for you! Just keep eating healthy, girl! You’re an inspiration to me.

      I’ve been looking into stand up desks. What did you do so you can write standing up? I’ve written a lot standing at my kitchen counter, but it’s a bit low and I can’t write for long periods.

      Thanks for sharing your success story! All the best…

      1. I have a counter on one side of the kitchen “island.” At one time I wrote in my office but now that I’m alone I don’t want to be in the back of the house with the dogs loose in the main room for long periods of time so I set my laptop up on this counter, and added a monitor, mouse, and keyboard so I could have a full sized keyboard for more comfort. I have a high stool with a back for sitting down but also can push the stool back and stand. When I’m standing I have the monitor on a “lift” (aka empty tissue box!) If the keyboard was too low while standing I’d probably put that on some sort of lift…hmm, the padded lap tray would work out well.
        Doesn’t stop the doggers from misbehaving but now I know which one left dirty paw prints on the counter…this time.

  1. I took the low carb plunge about a year ago, lost fifty pounds but stalled for a while. I’m looking for the next step in my transition, diet wise. More walking is a huge help but I’ve also set up my computer so I can write standing up. We’ll see how much that helps,

  2. Great suggestions! My husband and I did a Healthy Lifestyle Change starting January of 2011, where we committed to eating smaller portions, cutting back processed foods, eating out less, and exercising daily. We both lost around thirty pounds that year and have kept them off (I’m back at my early college weight now).

    My goal this year is to declutter the house, although I may have to drag hubby into it kicking and screaming (he’s a huge pack rat). 😉

    1. Good for you and your hubby, Jordan! You inspire me, too! The good news for me is that this year my husband needs to lose some weight. So, I’ll have a buddy this time. 🙂

      I love to de-clutter. My husband and I both started yesterday. The books are the worst. We have a small study/library in our house. Four walls of books. We get rid of at least twenty or so each year and there’s still walls of books! lol

      Good luck dragging your husband into the fray!

    1. You’ve inspired me to push the stool away again. Plus doing some shallow squats (not ready yet for deep knee bends) concentrating on my thighs and rear. I used to ride horses (in another life) and had really nice thighs!
      Right now I’m working on a novella for a woman who has done the weight loss down to curvy but healthy, and is now taking on a fat suit to help a friend. They’ve both discovered a severe prejudice against obese women, to the point of being thought too stupid to be rational, and they plan to take advantage of that prejudice to help rescue an autistic relative.
      Hmmm, too many heartstrings?

  3. It always amazes me that good common sense is the best way to go. 🙂 Thanks for this! I’ve found that I must do cardio workouts to maintain a healthy weight. Right now, I need to lose a few–my cute jeans are waiting for me, so on to eating better and working out smarter. 😉

    1. The best, VERY best recent feeling was buying a pair of jeans that FIT. Not a size 8, but who cares, they don’t bag anywhere and they make my legs look like LEGS, not ripply stumps. Now there’s an inspiration

      1. Oh, yeah! Inspiration by the gallon! I think I’ll try that, too. Except I’ll have to buy stretch so I can breath. Along with that and hanging my skinny jeans in a prominent place in my closet, should do the trick!

      2. I bought stretch, or slightly stretch…went to Catherine’s and the sales woman knew EXACTLY which pair would work best. I don’t have normal female waist/hip proportions so if it fits in the waist it sags in the butt. These fit allllll the way down.
        Sadly, I’m betting you live too far away for me to come exercise horses.

    2. Yeah, Diana! My cute jeans have been waiting YEARS! LOL But, no longer! I think I’ll hang them up where I can see them. I’ll dig out an old photo of me wearing them, too. That should either depress me or motivate me!

      1. I hope it motivates you! It’s been a year since I fit into my nice jeans (size 8–I worked hard to get back there), but I know I can do it. Planning a trip to the beach is motivating me right now.

  4. Oh, the beach! My absolute all time favorite place to be. Yes, that would motivate one. Sounds like you’re close, too. I’m a few sizes away from my eight jeans. I still have them, though. Did I just hear that little red devil on my shoulder say, “dream on!”

  5. Hi Joy/Darcyflynn! I am all over eating healthy and organic. I say this as my DH just handed me a piece of chocolate. LOL! But seriously, I loved the pic of the organic market. Heart be still. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if not for eating a healthy diet. Thanks for an encouraging post! 🙂

    1. Lol! It’s hard to resist chocolate, isn’t it? I”m the same way. That market is Borough Market in London. My husband works over there every other month and we love that place. There’s also a smaller one literally out our back door in central London, Marylebone High Street Market. All organic!

  6. For some reason once fall hits I crave sugar and fatty foods. It never fails. I’m trying to get off the sugar again. I also would like to omit grains this time. I have a lot of stomach issues and want to find the right diet to ease the discomfort, yet still be healthy. Thanks for the informative post.

    1. I am NOT good at limited amounts, or let’s say I wasn’t good a year ago. Instead of reducing sugar or other carbs I dropped them cold turkey. Going low carb means NOT going low fat and I added in NO prepared foods and for a long time NO restaurant food. Such a difference

      1. Absolutely, cut the sugars out completely and eat GOOD fats, avocados, almonds, walnuts, salmon, and sardines are all good sources of the good fats. Read labels on food cartons, cans, boxes. Try to make everything from scratch. Keep it simple or you won’t do it. At least I won’t! lol Most of my meals are sautéed on top of the stove in one pan and no more than 4-5 ingredients. Sometimes 2-3 at most. Then include a fresh salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Slice of goats cheese and an apple for dessert.
        Thanks so much for your comments, Mona!

    2. Susan, Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I too, get the sugar and anything ‘comfort food’ cravings in the fall. If it was just limited to the fall, I might be okay. But it skips its way into the winter as well. LOL No wonder we slam on the sugar brakes in the new year. And as to fats, just cut out those bad ones. The good ones are critical to your health. If you have stomach issues then definitely go on a gluten free diet as well as cutting out the sugar. I encourage you to get Dr Asa’s book, Empowering Your Health, and follow his diet. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. The first thing I booted out of my life years ago were diets of any kind. LOL Skinny is in my rear view mirror and I’m okay with that. So is hair w/o gray and a lot of other things that went with being young. I’m embracing who I am these days and so excited to be a grandma. A bit round, a bit plump grandma with graying hair. Grin

  8. Exactly my point, Pauline! Healthy eating is the way to go. We’ll feel better, look better and lose weight naturally. Will we have perfect 25 year old bodies in our 50’s? Of course not. But feeling good and having energy is what I want. I’m working with a friend who’s an athlete and so she’s helping me with light weight training. Strength training is essential for healthy bones at my age. So I’m incorporating that as well.
    You’re right about embracing who you are, though. We certainly need to look at life realistically, but at the same time take care of the bodies we have. I’m not a grandma, yet, but I hope to be a healthier version than I am now. LOL
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  9. Hey Darcy, So glad I found my way here. Common sense, that’s what you are suggesting we use. What a radical idea! Good to hear. I have also committed to eliminate sugar from my life this year and it’s not been easy. I love that you talk about doing it for just three months. I sometimes have to think in terms of three days! The only suggestion I’d add is in the Omega 3 collection: flax seed. I add two tablespoons of freshly ground (I use a coffee bean grinder) flax seeds to my oatmeal each morning. Have been doing that for nearly ten years. You’ve seen my picture — I’m actually 104. Cheers. Looking forward to your next blog post. Janet

    1. I so hear you about the three days! LOL I have to take it one day at a time, that’s for sure. We’ll have to help hold each other accountable. 🙂 And yes, yes to the flax seed suggestion.Good for you! I put two tablespoons in my whey protein shakes. The other thing I forgot to mention is sardines. Great source of Omega 3’s!

  10. I’m a firm believer in improving the healthiness of my lifestyle bit by bit, building good habits. A few times I’ll indulge in eating out, and find myself disappointed by a lack of vegetables on the plate.

    1. You’re so right! Making those incremental healthy choices is the key to lifestyle changes. And ordering the vegetable dish of the day when eating out instead of the French fries! That’s the toughest part for me. I’d much rather have the French fries! Lol
      Thanks for stopping by, L.

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