As I Was Saying...

Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse Tonight October 8.

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Blood Moon via NASA

You’ll have to stay up late but it’ll be worth it if you’ve never seen a blood moon. If the weather is not co-operating in your area you can go to NASA’s website and watch a live feed there. Just scroll down and you’ll see it. It’ll also give you the time the eclipse will start. So brew some coffee and text a friend during the show!

Here’s a very short video from NASA – Understanding Lunar Eclipses

Understanding Lunar Eclipses.

The website says, NASA moon experts will be up all night on Oct. 8 to answer your questions. The live web chat begins at 3 A.M. EDT and continues until sunrise.

As I Was Saying...

It’s That Time of Year. . . Again.

Yes, friends, the message is loud and clear. Time to shed those unwanted pounds. But, here’s my question. Why now? Why not in June or April or October? But, I digress. The advertising powers-that-be have chosen this to be the moment when we all decide to make changes in our lives. At this rate we’ll never accomplish anything. Okay, I’m chasing another rabbit. Sorry. Back to the subject of this post.

The signals are everywhere, from popular TV personalities touting their favorite weight loss programs to our local grocer stacking hundreds of Special K cereal boxes in our line of vision as soon as we enter the store. I still can’t figure out how they knew I was coming in today. *scratches head*

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Special K

Seriously, this display greeted me mere hours ago while I was shopping for . . . yes, fresh veggies, lean meats and my stash of lean cuisine favorites to keep in my freezer for my, *ahem* diet!

But the Pavlovian signals didn’t end there, they followed me throughout the store .  .  .




to the check out counter where a huge rack of magazines ‘shouted’ the message at me. 🙂

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Magazine Stand

No! I. Do. Not. Need. A. New. Set. Of. Dumbbells! The old, unused ones that are still in the original box will work just fine if I ever remember to take them out and set them someplace where I’ll remember to use them.



Talk about in your face!

Do they really not know that I’d KILL for a body like the one on the covers staring at me at the checkout? I’m sure the perfect models on those covers shook their heads at the Salty Caramel Ice Cream that slid by on the conveyer belt! *hangs head in shame* Okay, I would not actually kill anyone for that body, except maybe my own. Let me tell you, too much Fettuccine, Ice cream and Oreo cookies will eventually take their toll. 🙂

So. come on. Join me for the 100th New Year’s Resolution and let us get it done!

Once. And. For. All!

Okay, right now at this very moment, right as I’m trying to end this post, Marie Osmond is flitting her gorgeous self on the TV telling me, once again, how she lost 50 pounds on Nutisystem.

See what I mean?

Have a Blessed and Happy 2014! I appreciate and love you all! 🙂