Musings Under Moonlight

My Farm LIfe

darcy flynn,
SunCroft Farm

I’m blessed to live on a beautiful farm in Franklin, Tennessee. It is the perfect place to write a novel. I have all of the solitude that I could ever want. My son is away at college and my husband is traveling right now, so most interruptions to my day are when the my dogs want to go outside. 🙂

Knowing how much I love to take walks, my husband forged a maze of meandering paths through the woods on our property, and along the creek, with his tractor.

Thank you, sweetie!

Perfect for long walks when I want to mull over a scene or plot point.

Till next time…


8 thoughts on “My Farm LIfe”

    1. Hi Mammy,
      Thanks so much. I have to tell you, this is the first post I ever wrote. It was almost two years ago and it was more of a practice post since I was just beginning. I reposted it again tonight and really didn’t expect anyone to comment on it. 🙂
      It is a lovely place and I’m blessed to live here!
      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Oh, I don’t know what I’d do if deer ate my garden! I heard you can plant tomatos all around to help keep them away (since tomato plants are poisonous).

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