Tea Time Talks

London Town

darcy flynn, wwww.darcyflynnromances.com, keeper of my heart
Kensington Palace

What a week! Moving to London has not been near as challenging as I thought it would be. Even though we’ll be commuting back and forth, I really do miss my English Setters. Thankfully, I have a wonderful farm manager who’s taking great care of them for me.

My husband and I arrived over a week ago with nothing but a suitcase each of cloths. Being the self-educated decorator that I am, I’ve scoured London’s furniture stores and finally found beds, a sofa and two chairs to add to the small amount of furniture that my husband’s business partner already gave us.

darcy flynn, www.darcyflynnromances.com, keeper of my heart
My New Green Chair

The best part is our location! You’ve heard it said. Location. Location. Location. Well, we’ve got it! Our flat is right off Marylebone High Street. And if you know anything about London, you know that that is prime! Every morning from my living room windows, I watch mothers walk their children to the catholic grade school that is next door to us. The little girls are all in sky blue and white check dresses, white knee socks and black mary jane shoes. Adorable! The boys are in navy shorts, knee socks, blue and white checked shirts and navy blazers. They take recess on the roof top of the school. The perameter of the roof is screened in by a giant cage, keeping the children safe and sound! The teacher calls them back inside by ringing an old fashion hand bell. Talk about stepping back in time. It is all so ‘British’ and I absolutely love it!

darcy flynn, www.darcyflynnromances.com
My Favorite Shop!

Before I go, I won’t tell you about all of the lovely afternoon tea’s I’ve enjoyed or that the best scones in England are just down the block from me, or that every Sunday there is a farmer’s market in front of my flat…I don’t want to make you jealous or anything!

darcy flynn, www.darcyflynnromances.com, keeper of my heart
Marylebone Farmer’s Market London, England

Well, enough gloating. But the very, very  best thing, is that I get to write everyday! On my next post, I’ll tell you more about that.

Until then,



darcy flynn, www.darcyflynnromances.com, keeper of my heart
London Eye

2 thoughts on “London Town”

  1. Hi Darcy,
    Your new place sounds wonderful. My daughter just got back from a month in London and she absolutely loved it. I wish I’d seen this in time because she was looking for a recommendation for a good place to get tea and scones.
    Happy writing!

    1. Hi Mary!
      Would love to have shared my favorite place for tea and scones with your daughter! Contact me in the future and I can tell her where to shop too! 🙂

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