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Welcome Authors, Patricia Kiyono and Stephanie Michels!

I’m so happy to have Patricia and Stephanie as my guests today! Co-authors of The Friendship Star Quilt, the second book in their series, A Stitching Post Romance. I absolutely love the cover!

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It might have been Cinderella’s fault that “stepmother” became paired with the word “wicked” and stepparents in general got a bad rap. Learning to live with a new spouse is a major adjustment, but getting a new parent or child often presents a long, rocky road to family harmony. Still, many couples and their children make it work, and in some cases they find themselves richer for the experience.

Anne Brown longs for a family of her own, but believes she’ll never have one. She’s running from her abusive ex-husband and is afraid of putting Brad and his daughter Angie in danger. She doesn’t want to tie herself to the community she’s grown to love, and where she’s started to feel valued. What she doesn’t realize is that this gentle man offers her greater protection and security than she could ever provide for herself. Family, especially one with close ties like Brad’s, give one strength in rough times.

The Stitching Post Quilt Shop is the setting for the weekly gathering of a group of women who come to sew, but leave with lasting friendships. The first book in the series, The Calico Heart, was nominated for a RONE award for Best Contemporary Book of 2013. Patricia Kiyono and Stephanie Michels are pleased to announce the release of the second book in the series, The Friendship Star Quilt.



Anne Brown loves her job at The Stitching Post Quilt Shop in Grandville, Michigan, but she keeps a suitcase packed so she can leave at a moment’s notice. Living under the radar, she longs for a normal life, but settles for listening to family stories told by the friendly ladies of the quilting club who meet at the shop on Tuesday evenings. When she meets Brad, the handsome band director of an area high school and his adorable daughter, Anne begins to hope for a happily ever after of her own. But someone has far different plans.

Brad Carmichael is juggling the demands of his job as band director at Rivertown High School with trying to be a better father to his daughter. When Brad is late picking Jennie up from a birthday party, the pretty young clerk from the local quilt shop comes to his rescue. Kind-hearted and talented, Anne becomes a vital part of Brad and Jennie’s lives. But her past threatens to destroy their relationship.


About the Authors

Patricia Kiyono retired from public school teaching, and is now an adjunct faculty Patricia Kiyono.jpg - Version 2member at Grand Valley State University, where she instructs future teachers. Born in Japan, she lives in southwest Michigan with her husband, not far from their five children and nine grandchildren. In addition to writing, she enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, playing in local bands and orchestras, and taking care of grandchildren.



darcy flynn, joy dent, stephanie michelsStephanie Michels considers herself a “Jill of All Trades.” During her corporate career, she worked as a computer trainer, advertising copywriter, personnel agent, radio DJ, magazine columnist, and a financial planner among other things. She recently left those behind in order to focus on writing full time.

Raised in Michigan, she lived in South Carolina, Missouri, and Germany, before returning to the Mitten State to raise her family. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her reading or spending time with family, friends, and Beta Sigma Phi sisters.

The Friendship Star Quilt is her second novel with writing partner, Patricia Kiyono.



The Friendship Star Quilt is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, as well as other ebook outlets.



Stephanie Michels is giving away a $5 Amazon gift card at each stop of our blog tour to a random commenter. To win, please leave a comment about how important family ties are to you! And to increase your chances, visit author Diane Burton’s blog tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “Welcome Authors, Patricia Kiyono and Stephanie Michels!”

  1. Hi ladies 🙂 This book looks really good! I need to go buy it now, I think!! I have the 1st book. Thanks for chance to win.

      1. Ours is unusual, I think. For these two, I came up with the basic premise, and then we met to discuss some of the characters and what their stories might be. Then I sat down and wrote a bunch of scenes, and Stephanie did her magic and tied everything together! Without her, the series would still be in the “maybe someday” stage.

      2. Darcy, thanks for having us. As to your question, Patty is really good at capturing a whole concept. I’m more the practical “this can’t work because…” or “we need a transition scene to get us from here to here…” and “why do we have three different versions of the same scene, but at different times of the year?” When we identify all that is missing, extra, or still needed, I start to piece them together like a quilt, fitting the pieces in where they need be and creating the pieces that fill the gaps. It probably would drive some partners crazy, but it worked for us.

  2. Q: How important are family ties to me?
    A: They are the life-bind that weaves our family together. I am blessed to still have my parents, Mom is 76 in June and has Dementia and Dad is 80 in August and great health. They will celebrate 58 years of marriage in September. They showed me a great example of Love, by their lives, their love and faith in God and their marriage. I married at 18 against my Dad’s wishes but that is water under the bridge and I will celebrate 38 years in October to the love of my life. I live a state away from my family, we are in TN and them in NC and I miss them and try to go often. We are blessed with 2 girls and 1 boy and 8 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. My daughters live in same town as do 6 granddaughters. Our son is military for almost 13 years now with 7 deployments, he and his family of 2 boys and 2 girls live in MO, 12 hours away. I miss them especially at holidays when we have our family get togethers and dinners.
    Reading stories like The Friendship Star Quilt is another example of how we should not take our families for granted. Life is a precious gift that should be cherished because we have no guarantees of what tomorrow brings. The FSQ book brings out so many emotions and blessings and a great reminder. Thank you Patricia and Stephanie for quilting together such a beautiful story of heartache and redeeming love.

    1. Kathy, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. That has to be so hard on your family. I appreciate the kind words on our book. Love is the thread that holds together this crazy quilt we call Life! 😀

  3. Fun post…family ties are crucial to me. I’m very lucky to come from a large family, 5 siblings, and tons of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, and these days we are able to keep in touch on Facebook like we never have before. It’s awesome! Oh yeah, and there are my three grown children, who I am so grateful for. I am in awe that you ladies successfully collaborate. Must be tough, but I might like to try it some day. Best wishes!

    1. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and one set of grandparents were in Japan, so I didn’t meet most of them until I was an adult. I always missed having extended family! But as you say, now with facebook and Skype we can communicate. I’m grateful our five kids and nine grandkids all live fairly close by. Thanks for stopping, Alicia!

    2. Alicia, Thank you for stopping by. My parents’ families all lived in Cleveland. My folks were among the only ones to move “away,” but we made the trek to Ohio for almost every vacation and holiday. I remember birthday parties with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Sometimes there would be more than 60 people attending. My generation was the first to travel far away and make their homes and our kids are even more spread out. We have “family” across the country and a couple who live overseas. I’m so grateful my own children and their families all live within the state, none more than 2 hours away.

  4. Thank you to everyone who visited with us on this blog tour, and a big thanks to our wonderful blog hostesses. I’ll be drawing the name for the gift card winner on Sunday evening.

    As a special thanks, I’ve decided to do one final surprise drawing that will include all our hosts and everyone who commented at any of the stops on our blog tour. You’ll get one entry for each stop you made. I’ll post the winner of that gift – a Friendship Star Quilt promo mug filled with M&M’s – on Sunday night, too. Thanks for making our tour so enjoyable!

  5. Kathy Heare Watts, congratulations! You have won the $5 gift card prize.

    Please send your email address to me at and let me know if you prefer an Amazon card or a Barnes & Noble card. Thank You.

    Winner of the special door prize, a chocolate-filled coffee mug is Peg Spoelstra. Peg, I’ll make arrangements to get the mug to you.

    Congratulations to both of you, and thank you everyone who visited with us.

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