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More Mouse Mayhem

I really miss my cats. They both died within two weeks of each other over a year ago. Those of you who are cat lovers, know what I miss about them, so I won’t take the time to try to convince you cat despisers, otherwise.

But…one picture IS worth a thousand words.

darcy flynn romances, joy dent,
My Pirate, Jean Lafitte

Look at that face! Still not convinced? Then…

darcy flynn romances, joy dent
Did you want something?

Come on…you know she’s cute!

Okay, I digress. Added to what I miss about my cats is the fact that they were great mousers!

Where was this cat when I needed him?
Where was this cat when I needed him?

Since my two furry felines have been gone, I’ve had my share of mouse mishaps and run-ins. From destroying sentimental handmade Christmas stockings, stashing kernels of popcorn underneath my rec-room sofa, to eating and decimating my stash of Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses! Yes! Those purpley wrapped chocolate morsels meant for human consumption only! Those!

Look closely at the photo below. The icky mouse droppings ARE there!

darcy flynn romances, joy dent
Didn’t know mice were into chocolate!

And what about her? Some mouse deterrent! Yea, you better hide!

darcy flynn romances, joy dent
Baily Girl

Or him??? Does he look like he’ll be going after the mice partying in my closet, anytime soon?

darcy flynn romances, joy dent
Canine Siesta Time

Dream on!

darcy flynn romances, joy dent
We’re here to stay!

What about you? Have you had critter squatters? How have you dealt with them? Cat? Mouse trap? Box held up with stick and tied to a string? You think I’m kidding about that last one, don’t you?

I always love hearing from you!

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Mouse Mischief

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Ah…really?

How could two tiny mice do so much damage?

Where was this cat when I needed him?
Where was this cat when I needed him?

I know, I know, mice are soooo cute. Look at Mickey and Minnie for example. Who would ever think that such an adorable little couple would ever intentionally destroy a family keepsake?

But, I’m sure my two particular rodent’s intent was to build a nest for the little ones soon to grace our basement. And how could I, the owner of such a large comfy space, deny this one little important thing to this mousy couple?

I can see Mrs. Mama-to-be Mouse, now.  Scurrying and searching through the cardboard boxes for just the right material for her nursery. Sniffing here, scratching there and leaving a large deposit of droppings in her wake. Heck, it’s as if she wanted me to find her!

Imagine my delight when I discovered this in my Christmas decorations!

Mouse Homebuilding 101. First, destroy family keepsake.
Mouse Homebuilding 101. First, destroy family keepsake.

No biggie, it was only one of the stockings I made for my husband and me for our first Christmas, almost forty years ago, when we were poor as *ahem*, church mice. Christmas stockings we continued to use every year since, even when we could afford something nicer. It was only  a small nostalgic item, one I made from a pattern I found in Family Circle magazine. Made out of cheap felt, lovingly sown together by hand. That’s all!

Sure, go ahead and shred my hand-made felt stocking into itty-bitty balls of stuffing. It’s not like a need a stocking this year.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, by the way.  I left a little something for you under the worn out wreath leaning along the basement wall.

Snack Time

I hope you like peanut butter. 🙂