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I wish I’d learned to…before…

A few days before I got married, my sweet mother tried frantically to teach me to do the laundry! Yes…I was spoiled. 🙂 I went to college four blocks from my home and every Thursday I’d bring home my laundry, have a home-cooked meal and watch Hawaii 5-0 on TV!
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From original Hawaii 5-0, 1968-1980
Ah, those were the days. All I had to worry about were a few term papers, if the LSUNO Privateers would win their next basketball game ( I was a cheerleader, so this was important), and if I’d have a date on Friday night.
But I digress. Back to laundry…I was still a student when I married Tom and had no idea how to execute some of the “expected” tasks of being a homemaker. I never needed to, since my mother was happy to have ANY excuse to have me come home.
I remember standing at the washer and dryer next to her while she explained about the colors, the whites, how much detergent per size of load, if I should use hot, cold or warm water, use dryer or hang dry? And if dryer, how hot? This type of fabric need this, that type of fabric needed that.
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Laundry Day via
No problem. Easy Peasy. I had it down too, until the second week of married life, when I shrunk my honey’s favorite white shirt. 😦
The poor guy had to give me a laundry lesson right there in the basement of the apartment where we lived. I felt so badly about ruining his shirt and to this day, I never wash anything in hot.
Fast forward about 20 years. My son was eight (for you mothers with young children…that’s when chores are fun, by the way). I was determined he would be prepared to take care of himself in the basic life skills, so… I taught him to wash cloths and to clean the house. He’s 24 and still does a good job. My only regret, is that I didn’t teach him to cook. 🙂
What do wish you’d learned while you were young that would have made your adult life a bit easier?
Do you have any laundry or house hold tips you could share?
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