Streetlights Down Memory Lane

Empty Nest


My son at the piano.

Where have you gone little boy?

Those days so sweet are past

They said these years would fly by

And here we are at last

 But there you stand so tall and straight  

Discus Practice at William & Mary

A fine young man indeed

You represent all that we love

You are our precious seed

A seed planted in God’s soil

To grow in Christ alone

Rising up to be like Him

And to someday share His throne

Glasses I saved 25 years ago for my son.

After a week of cleaning, de-cluttering and packing, my husband and son loaded up the U-Hall truck. This morning, pulling the compact car behind them, they began the 2004 mile journey to Los Angeles, CA.

Hollywood Bound!

Packed and ready to go.

Four years ago, when my son left for college, every one told me that event was the empty nest. I knew that it really wasn’t. I knew that he’d be home for fall, Christmas and spring break and then again for the summer. I knew that it was just practice for the real thing.

The Empty Nest

Right upstairs is an empty room. My son has moved out. He is gone. And even though this time is a bittersweet one for me, I am so happy for him. He is finally going to do what he’s always wanted to do since he was a child. Pursue his dream in film making.

“I make believe”

God’s Speed… 

Where are you in your journey with your children? How have you prepared them and yourself for the empty nest? I would love to hear your stories, your thoughts, your tried and true tips and suggestions for those who still have children at home and for those on the cusp of the empty nest.

Years ago, when my son was a toddler, a wise woman told me never to wish my son’s childhood away. She told me that someday I would long to have little hand prints to wash off my living room wall.

She was right.

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