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Darcy’s De-Cluttering Diet

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I love New Year’s resolutions! There’s something about starting with a clean slate. I love the thought of finally loosing twenty pounds, de-cluttering the closets, the drawers, the pantry, the basement, the mudroom…you get the idea. Then life happens and the best plans fizzle out.

But this year I’m going to make it.

Let me ask you. Do you want to get rid of all the junk that’s crammed in your drawers and stuffed in your closets? Do you want to loose weight? To get into those skinny jeans that have happily mocked you from the back of your closet for …how long?

Well, I do and this year I’m going to succeed. Why? Because I’ll have you in my corner. And I’ll be in your corner. We’ll cheer each other on. We’ll clap and do the snoopy dance whenever one of us looses five pounds of fat or five pounds of clutter. That’s the goal. Five little pounds at a time.

Did you know that research shows that clutter in your house shows up on your hips, tummy and rear end? It’s true. I’m a perfect example!  So here’s the plan. We’re going to start by getting organized. I know, I know. If we were organized we wouldn’t have all that clutter and excess weight on our hips. But, all I’m talking about here is starting small with a teeny, tiny little plan. Something to get us started and to keep us motivated on this de-cluttering thing.

Now, you and I both know there are a million ways to do this. After all, we’ve read every de-cluttering book out there! But, let’s keep this simple. You will need two empty boxes or sacks. Mark one ‘to give away’ and one ‘to throw away’.

To get started, I want you to start with your clothes closet- drawers, boxes…any place that holds anything and everything you wear. If you just want to de-clutter and not loose weight then start anywhere you want. Pick a room or an area in your house that you’re sick of looking at because of all the junk and the mess. You’ll feel terrific when you’re done!

Now, walk around that space and take a good look because when you’re done this closet is going to look a lot different. Stream-lined, organized and efficient. When you get finished, you are going to love getting dressed in the morning.

Now grab the two boxes, then go through each rack, drawer and shelf and take an honest look at the items. If you haven’t used it, worn it in over a year or if you hate it but kept it because your mother or your best friend gave it to you, GET RID OF IT. Put it in one of those boxes. If you’re not sure about it, put it in the give away box. (this does not mean you’re giving it away, you’re just getting it out of your closet)


What is your initial thought about the item, DO what that thought told you to do. One of the main reasons we have difficulty parting with things is because we are emotionally attached to the item. That’s why I don’t want you to stop and think, to stress or second guess. Remember, you haven’t thrown anything away yet, you can always retrieve it later.

Now, go to another area or room and do the same thing. Don’t get discouraged. For most of you, this process will take days, maybe even weeks. That’s okay. Focus on your closet over the week-end. Make sure you haul away everything in the ‘throw away’ box. That one act alone should make your pants feel looser! 🙂 Then store the other boxes in the spare room until next week.

Remember, ACT on your first impulse about the item in question. If you stop and think, it will stay in the closet.

Go! Girls, Go!  Then post a response and let me know how you did. If you’ve de-cluttered in the past let me know how you did it. What worked for you. What didn’t.

More to come on Darcy’s De-Cluttering Diet in next weeks post. We’ll be focusing on the pantry in preparation for the diet!

But for now…go on, get rid of it!

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