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Today I’d like to welcome Kara O’Neal to Under a Paper Moon! Kara is one of my AHA author friends and this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of hosting her on my blog.

kara-1-of-1Born and raised in Texas, the state had to be the setting for my first series. From the food to the fun, like floating the rivers, it is the fire in my blood that inspires me. My family and friends take center stage in my books. My sisters and best friends are my heroines, and my husband created my favorite hero. Love and family are the point of my stories, and I seek to entertain, relieve stress, and inspire people. Books can take one on a journey that one can relive over and over. I am extremely grateful to those authors who did that very thing for me. I learned and I fell in love with their words and characters. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Please visit me at


Here’s a bit of info about Kara’s book…
Love’s Redemption is a story of forgiveness and courage. I loved writing this book. Willa is someone I admire. She’s had a tough life and does everything she can to protect her loved ones. I enjoyed exploring her heart and watching her achieve happiness. And she deserves so much happiness. Lonnie is the man she needs, loyal, steady and kind. He is, without doubt, my favorite hero in the Pikes Run Series. (So far.) And while he has a calm nature, he can be just as assertive and determined as Willa. Together they make a wonderful couple, a model of true love. You will not be disappointed in their journey!

When she was little more than a child, Willa Kramer went to extreme lengths to save her love-s-redemptionfamily from their abusive father. After that horrible day, her mother and siblings moved to Tennessee, and Willa had hoped to leave Texas, its memories and Lonnie Davis, the only boy she had ever trusted, behind. But fate is unpredictable.

Five years have passed, and Lonnie finds himself reunited with Willa, the only girl he’s ever loved. He’s determined not to let her slip away again, but a figure from the past looms, threatening his hopes for the future.

He paused. His chest tightened. He’d waited a long time to see her, had wondered if he ever would. Years ago, she’d wrapped him around her little finger, and he’d grown so attached to her, he’d thought about moving to Tennessee to be with her. But then she had stopped writing. To say it had hurt would be an understatement. But he hadn’t been angry. He could never be angry with her. Never. And now she was back and near. It was too tempting.

After taking a deep breath, he moved forward then went through the screen door. Even though it gave a loud creak, she didn’t turn. Did she know it was he who stood behind her?
The light breeze ruffled her skirt. Her long, velvety hair grazed the small of her back. An ache centered in the pit of his stomach. He’d missed her. And now she was here. “Hello, Willa.”

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Forbidden Colours

Today I’d like to welcome author Nicole Fitton to Under a Paper Moon to tell us about her latest novel, Forbidden Colours. Her book cover is fascinating! Take it away, Nicole!

Forbidden Colours was the evolution of a question that had been rattling around in my brain. You know, those annoying questions that wake you at 4am and won’t let you rest until you’ve written something. Well, that’s how it was for me. I had read a newspaper article about the complexity of the human brain and well, it all started from there. Forbidden Colours is a gripping love story which contains elements of psychological suspense. It contains enough adrenaline fuelled drama to power the national grid! Once I had the protagonist Midori Yates firmly fixed in my mind’s eye she took charge and dictated the direction of travel. I have a passion for science and being able to incorporate that into a book is very exciting. The story centres around a new drug being brought to market that does not quite do what it is supposed to…. I shall leave it at that. As I said earlier I started Forbidden Colours with a question and everything flowed from there. So, I know you want to know, what was the question? It’s a question I often ask myself but seldom has it led me in such an unusual direction…… ‘ What if?’

forbidden-colours-high-resolution-version-2-945x1512What if your memories were not your memories? What if the drug hailed as a cure became a curse and ultimately your destruction?
Midori Yates works for pharmaceutical giant KLD. The launch of new drug Centoria has revolutionised the treatment of amnesia, with outstanding results. Trials exploring its use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s are on the horizon. But is it really as good as the data suggests?
Neurologist Dr. Nick Campbell has seen amazing results with his patients and is ready to believe in Centoria’s transformational abilities…that is until his patients start displaying strange and worrying symptoms with drastic results. Determined to uncover the truth, Midori and Nick find a conspiracy that is to have devastating consequences for both of them. A dark world threatens to engulf them. Can they survive?


Katzuko Yates eyed her daughter thoughtfully. A sense of apprehension gripped her. Those years in Japan were long ago; she wondered if she could be clear with her explanation. Even though buried, her memories continued to breathe under the mountain of life she’d lived. Dare she even speak of them? Could she speak of them? Their place of residence had become an unmarked grave in her history. Her family had a right to know, after everything that had happened. His world was dark and full of shadows; where would she begin? For over 25 years she had told no one. Now she was being drawn back into his world. It was a time she wanted to forget. The tie that had been bound to her so tightly was about to be broken.

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Author Bio:
Nicole Fitton is an author and freelance writer who has lived in such glamorous photo-5locations as London, New York and Croydon! She currently reside in Devon, UK with her family. Forbidden Colours is her second novel. Her career has spanned over 3 decades working in PR and marketing within the music industry. She currently works within healthcare in the UK.
Alongside her novels Nicole has a passion for writing short stories.This year has seen her short ‘Soaring’ featured in an anthology by the Black Pear Press. Her stories always have a happy ending, but, the way in which they get there will keep you guessing right up until the last page! She admits she gets bored easily and can often be found enjoying new adventures!

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Spa Basket Reveal

darcy flynn, joy dent, spa basket', Keeper of My HeartHere it is! Lemon and grapefruit body wash, moisturizing bath bar, darcy flynn, joy dent, keeper of my heart, gluten free organic body lotion, pomegranate and acai berry tea, cherry and almond biscuits, Godiva truffle bars and my sweet romance, Keeper of My Heart!

Thank you again for all of your spa basket suggestions!

And congrats to Carol Umfer, who won the drawing! Carol chose my latest release, contemporary western romance, Rogue’s Son!

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Welcome Diane Burton

ONE RED SHOE Worldwide Release Tour

I’m thrilled to have, dear friend and fellow Author Diane Burton as my guest today. She’s here to tell us about her Romantic Suspense, One Red Shoe. Take it away Diane!

Reinventing One’s Self

Jane Pauley was on the Today Show last week. While getting my coffee and trying to pry open my eyelids, something she said caught my attention. The words “reinventing herself.” Whoa. I can identify with that.

I always wanted to be a teacher. When we were little, my younger sister and I played “school” and I was the teacher—that’s when we weren’t playing “church” and I was the priest. But I digress. Being the oldest of seven, I was a natural teacher. I helped Mom with the little ones and gradually taught them new skills. Eventually, I went to college and became a real teacher. When my own children came along, I was a stay-at-home mom who taught her own kids. (Not home schooling, though.) I did some substitute teaching when they were in school, but never went back full time.

When my husband was downsized in the late 1980s, I looked for work. Going back into the classroom meant going back to school for an advanced degree and recertifying. I didn’t want to be a substitute again. So I looked for something I could do. I was pretty good with computers, word processing, some data inputting, very little but some spreadsheet experience. What job did I get? Inventory clerk for a flute store. All because I happened to see a little sign on the counter when I went in to buy reeds for my son’s saxophone. I was the only non-musician in a company that not only sold flute music in the local store but worldwide through their catalog. Lest you think I was a complete dunce regarding music, I have to say my dad was an opera and classical music buff. I grew up listening to the Metropolitan Opera on radio every Saturday afternoon. Frankly, I wanted to listen to Tiger Baseball. But that’s another story.

They say when a door closes another opens. Or are you supposed to open a window? Maybe I’m mixing metaphors. At any rate, whenever I’ve needed a job, I’ve taken existing skills (like word processing, data entry, and spreadsheets) and found a position where I could use them. My last was with an oil and gas exploration company where I discovered the cure for insomnia, reading oil and gas leases.

In my romantic suspense One Red Shoe my heroine is an elementary teacher (well, they say write what you know. LOL) and she’s stuck in a rut. When she was orphaned at thirteen, her older brothers came home to take care of her. As she approaches the big THREE-O, they still treat her like she’s a kid. She yearns for adventure and she finds it in writing mystery stories. Not content to live vicariously through her own heroine, she’s about to set off on her own adventure. She gets more than she bargained for.

Blurb for One Red Shoe:

Wannabe writer rescues wounded spy while risking her Dent, darcy flynn,

Daria Mason’s life is too predictable. Nothing ever happens in her small Iowa town where everybody knows everybody else. But when she travels to New York City looking for a little excitement, she never expects to bring home a wounded spy.

From the moment agent Sam Jozwiak steals intel vital to US security from a Russian Mafia kingpin, Murphy’s Law takes over. No matter how he covers his tracks, the kingpin’s assassins find him. What’s worse than getting shot in the butt? Accepting help from an Iowa tourist.

Sam and Daria flee cross country with the assassins right behind them. Sharing danger and excitement—and a few kisses—with Sam soon has Daria convinced he’s the man for her. He thinks she’ll be better off once he’s out of her life for good. With their lives on the line, can she convince him they belong together?

Excerpt from One Red Shoe:

Daria started running up the stairs to the fifth floor, hoping she would get to the restroom in time. As a teacher who couldn’t leave second-graders alone, she’d trained herself to hold it until scheduled breaks. But she should never have waited this long. Despite the cramping in her legs, she put on a burst of speed. As she passed the door to the fourth floor, she realized the stairs had gotten darker. She looked up to see if a light was out. On the half-way landing stood a man…pointing a gun at her.

She nearly wet her pants.

“What are you doing here?” the man demanded as he whisked his gun out of sight.

Daria froze. She clutched the rail with one hand, her bag of books with the other. She suddenly understood the line from Romancing the Stone because, just like Joan Wilder, Daria was paralyzed from the neck up. The rest of her wasn’t moving, either.

“Where are you going?” He had a faint accent. British, maybe. His eyes flickered with impatience. Hard glacial blue eyes. His voice, cultured with a hint of menace, frightened her more.

His shoes were level with her eyes. Shiny brown Florsheims. His jeans were new with distinct creases from being folded. They brushed the tops of his polished dress shoes.

Brown Shoes came down three steps and halted. He reached inside his black light-weight jacket and Daria prayed it wasn’t for a gun. That made no sense. Why didn’t he use the one he’d tucked behind his back? He pulled out a leather folder and flipped it open. A gold badge. He was the police. Daria sagged in relief.

With a quick motion, Brown Shoes flipped the folder closed and stuffed it back in his pocket. “What is your business?” He tapped his brown shoe impatiently.

Her throat began to close in fear from his anger.

One Red Shoe is available at:

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And wherever ebooks are sold.

joy dent, darcy flynn, darcyflynnromances.comAbout the author:

Diane Burton combines her love of mystery, adventure, science fiction and romance into writing romantic fiction. Besides the science fiction romance Switched series, she is the author of The Pilot, the first book in a series about strong women on the frontier of space. One Red Shoe is her first romantic suspense. She is also a contributor to the anthology How I Met My Husband. Diane and her husband live in Michigan. They have two children and two grandchildren.

For more info and excerpts from her books, visit Diane’s website:

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Spread the word! Rogue’s Son is live on Amazon!!!

darcy flynn, joy dent,, rogue's son
Rogue’s Son

Book Blurb:

Tough, driven Kit Kendall has replaced her frills and dresses with no nonsense haircuts and wranglers, years ago. As owner of Sage Brush, the once thriving west Texas bed and breakfast ranch, she now struggles daily to keep her business afloat. Since McCabe Resort Lodge reopened next door as a multi-million dollar hotel, her financial difficulties compound, as she suffers one cancellation after another.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, Kit’s childhood sweetheart turned nemesis returns as the new owner of the resort that’s now putting her out of business, resurrecting memories she thought she’d buried long ago.

Cowboy, entrepreneur Sam Dawson has returned to Sugar Creek, Texas after six years of exile with a secret that could destroy Kit’s happiness. He left town because of it and for the past two years has secretly tried to make it right. Having failed, he now returns to make one last attempt to undo the tangled web created by his father.

Set in motion by his father’s Last Will and Testament and with the clock ticking, Sam has only weeks to convince Kit to sell him her ranch or reveal the truth that will break her heart.

Streetlights Down Memory Lane

The Hollywood Illusion, darcy flynn, joy dent
Gidget 1959

I have to say that the Hollywood musicals and romantic comedies of the 50’s and 60’s are mostly responsible for my childhood belief that falling in love and first kisses should be the most heart melting, toe tingling experience in a young girl’s life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for reality and live with it daily, but growing up with wholesome, films like Tammy, Gidget, The Truth About Spring, Swiss Family Robinson, and How to Steal a Million, to name a few, painted a magical, fairy tale picture of what falling in love would be like, fueling my ‘tween’ imagination.

Then there were heart throb, teen idols like Davy Jones of the Monkees that sent my young heart into overtime every time I saw and heard him sing on TV. The cumulative effect of Hollywood’s illusion shaped my thinking then and now, and has definitely influenced my writing.

Of course, we all know imagination is a powerful tool. There are no limits to where you can go and to whom you can become. It fuels creativity and launches dreams.

darcy flynn, joy dent, sealed with a kiss
Sealed With a Kiss – Prequel to Keeper of My Heart

When I think of my growing up years and Hollywood’s influential mark on my thinking, it’s not hard to see why I write sweet romance novels.

We write what we know. 🙂

My new short story, Sealed With a Kiss, is a good example of old Hollywood’s influence on my writing. I love recreating the tone and voice of the stories I grew up reading and watching at the movies and on TV.

What movies or TV shows influenced how you think about life and love? I would love to hear from you.