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Darcy’s De-Cluttering Diet Part 2

joy dent, darcy flynn, de-cludttering, keeper of my heart
In the trunk it goes!

Okay, how did the closet de-cluttering go? I hope you have several boxes to give away and some to throw away by now. And hopefully, some of you were able tackle other areas of your home.

By now you’ve had a chance to realize you don’t need any of the things stuffed in those bags. If you do, go ahead and take them out and put them away. It’s okay. 🙂 Now, if you haven’t already done so, put the rest in your car and either take it to the trash or to your nearest Salvation Army or Good Will drop off center.

Whew! Breath deeply! You did it! You’ve won the first round!

Next, I want you to tackle your kitchen pantry. This is a diet, too, remember. Take a good look at the food items stored on those shelves. You know what’s bad for you so get that grocery bag, the brown paper one so you can’t see through it and start loading it up. Take out anything you know is unhealthy, processed foods (unless you bought them from a health food store, then they’re probably okay) sugary foods, candy, cookies, potato chips. Read the labels. Any food that has ‘partially hydrogenated’ anything is BAD for you. Throw it out!  That is a BAD fat! There are good fats and they are found in foods like almonds, walnuts, avocados and cold water fish like salmon and halibut. Add these to your grocery list.

Once you clean out your pantry and shop for healthy fresh alternatives, you will be ready to start eating healthy. There should be nothing left in your pantry to tempt you! The next thing you need to do is eat smaller portions and take a fifteen to twenty minute walk every day. If you do this there is no need to count calories. The key is to be aware of what you put in your mouth. Will your choice result in health, energy and beauty or will it bring weight gain, sluggishness and sallow skin. For those of you who don’t read regency romances, sallow means having a dull, sickly complexion, 🙂

So get to it. Start on your food pantry and let me know what you struggled with. What pep talk did you give yourself that helped you to part with those peanut M&Ms?

Five pounds lighter,

Darcy 🙂

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