Two Days left to VOTE!

Hey y’all,

One of my readers contacted me and was having trouble voting from the link I sent the other day. So… here’s the link to InD’taleMagazine. If you haven’t subscribed, do that first, then they will send an email for you to verify. After that you can log in, click on 2019 RONE AWARDS, and go to week three. You’ll find Stowaway listed under Mystery.

Voting in week three ends tomorrow evening. I would love your support!

ER March 19 Stowaway hi-res

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Hey Friends,

Stowaway_850Week three of the 2019 RONE Awards Reader Voting opens today. Last month when Stowaway received an Elite Five Star Review from InD’tale Magazine, it automatically became a RONE Award Nominee. The reader voting is the second stage in the process and that’s where I need your help.

So… If you have a few minutes I’d really appreciate your vote. Stowaway is in the Mystery category.

Below is the link to the voting page. If this is your first time to vote in this award, you will have to create an account and log in. It’s super easy, just follow the prompt. And don’t worry, you will not receive any emails from InD’tale Magazine, this is simply to make sure it stays one vote per person.

Click here to get to InD’taleMagazine!

I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to cast your vote for Stowaway!

And here’s the link to the Elite Review if you’d like to read it!