Welcome to my word garden. It’s here that a seed of an idea sprouts into a scene and then another, growing into a chapter and finally into a story.

darcy flynn, joy dentEveryone knows that a garden has seasons, and if planted with those in mind, will lengthen   its pleasures for those who enter. Like a good story, a garden that’s planned before planted, will add months of pleasure beyond the typical summer season.

Timing is everything. If executed correctly, spring bulbs will burst forth with a mass of glorious color. Followed by perennials and select annuals that bring balance throughout the summer, then into the fall, where late-blooming plants hang tough until the first frost.

For me, writing is like gardening. It’s filled with hours of toil and sweat. It’s hard, backbreaking work. Dirt under fingernails, now short and brittle because you either forgot or refused to wear gloves. It’s filled with creepy crawly things, some you recognize and some you don’t. Among the dirt and the bugs are nutrients. The stuff you can’t see, but critical for growth, for life, for survival.

A gardener since my childhood, where I dug in the moist Louisiana soil next to my mother, I realize my life mirrors that of a garden. With each season something new and beautiful has bloomed bringing me to this time of summer.

So, pour yourself a tall glass of sweet iced tea and stroll through my garden. Come back and linger anytime. It’s always summer.

Joy Dent aka Darcy Flynn