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Talk About First Kisses

darcy flynn, joy dent, sealed with a kiss
Sealed With a Kiss – Prequel to Keeper of My Heart


My new short story, Sealed With a Kiss, the prequel to my novel, Keeper of My Heart, is now live on Amazon. My heroine, Katie, experiences a kiss that changes her life. It’s her first kiss and you’ll have to read the story to find out more about it. 🙂

What is it about first kisses? They stick in our heads and whether they’re good or not so good, we never forget that very first one.

Writing about Katie’s kiss got me thinking about my first. Not nearly as magical as hers. But memorable just the same.

Freddie (not his real name) and I were in eighth grade and had been in school together since first grade. He was my second grade crush and all through my childhood I thought he was soooo cute. 🙂 So, in eighth  grade when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I was pretty excited. My second grade crush, the boy I’d thought was the cutest thing I’d ever seen, wanted ME to be his girlfriend.

He offered to walk me home that day but on the way we stopped at one of the many canals in New Orleans. He led me to one of the trees that lined the canal and told me he wanted to kiss me.

As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous but also excited.  My heart raced and stuck in my throat as his lips neared mine. His kiss was not sensual or sexy. It was a boys kiss. From a fourteen year old teenager still trying to master the technique. But, for me it was a dream come true.

But, after it was over and my beating heart slowed to normalcy, he did something that shocked and appaled this starry eyed fourteen-year-old girl. He took out a notebook from his shirt pocket and told me I was number eleven. Then he went on to explain that in order for him to kiss me, I had to first be his girlfriend. I guess in his mind, that made it all right.

I stood there and watched him check off my name from the list and if that wasn’t enough, he read the list to me.


He was racking up points. I was nothing more than a conquest, another of his ‘bragging rights’ to his buddies. Then, to top it off,  he told me he couldn’t finish walking me home.

I was crushed. Humiliated. As I tearfully walked the rest of the way to my house, I decided I would NOT be his girlfriend. When I got home I went to my room and burst into tears.

Today, I love that story. I wouldn’t have wanted my first kiss to be with anyone else or have happened any other way.  I think it’s both hysterical and cute and the essence of teenage, hormonal awkwardness. I have to say, having raised a son, I soooo get Freddie. All the things I didn’t understand about boys while growing up, I had the privilege of learning firsthand from my son. But, I digress. That’s another post for another time.

Today, Freddie is married to one of my childhood friends, has beautiful grown children and precious grandchildren!

I would love to hear about your first kiss. Come on. Don’t be shy. Tell us all about it!

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