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National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day!!!   Coffee Lovers everywhere rejoice!

Download Dunkin Donuts’ App and they will give you a free cup of hot or iced coffee today!

Local coffee houses all over the country are having specials today! YUM!

joy dent, darcy flynn, coffee

Here’s how I take mine, black, no cream, no sugar.

French press is my choice. How do you make yours?

What’s your favorite coffee drink? Latte? Mocha? Caramel? With whip? Or without? Iced or hot?

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4 thoughts on “National Coffee Day”

    1. Good Morning, Diana! Sipping on my hot, black, Starbucks Verona Blend right now! Ooooo! 🙂
      I used to drink mine with cream only and when I discovered I had dairy allergies I moved to black. I don’t miss the cream either. I like to think of myself as a ‘coffee purest’! LOL!

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