Tea Time Talks

Yay Fall!

joy dent, darcy flynn romances, fall leaves
FAll Leaves via Bhamgal Wanna Commons

Today is the first day of fall! One of my favorite times of year. Fresh apples, making s’mores around a cozy fire, colorful leaves, crisp, cool air chasing away the heat of summer.

You get the picture.

If asked, at least two of these will hit someone’s top reasons why they love fall. And yes, they are all in my list, as well. But the main reason I love this time of year is because of the effect cooler air has on my wavy, sometimes fizzy hair. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I like my curls. I just hate the frizz from hot humid summer days.

So bring on the cool, crisp weather! I’m ready!

What do you like about this time of year? Do you have an unusual reason why you love the fall?

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