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I wish I’d learned to…before…

A few days before I got married, my sweet mother tried frantically to teach me to do the laundry! Yes…I was spoiled. 🙂 I went to college four blocks from my home and every Thursday I’d bring home my laundry, have a home-cooked meal and watch Hawaii 5-0 on TV!
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From original Hawaii 5-0, 1968-1980
Ah, those were the days. All I had to worry about were a few term papers, if the LSUNO Privateers would win their next basketball game ( I was a cheerleader, so this was important), and if I’d have a date on Friday night.
But I digress. Back to laundry…I was still a student when I married Tom and had no idea how to execute some of the “expected” tasks of being a homemaker. I never needed to, since my mother was happy to have ANY excuse to have me come home.
I remember standing at the washer and dryer next to her while she explained about the colors, the whites, how much detergent per size of load, if I should use hot, cold or warm water, use dryer or hang dry? And if dryer, how hot? This type of fabric need this, that type of fabric needed that.
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Laundry Day via
No problem. Easy Peasy. I had it down too, until the second week of married life, when I shrunk my honey’s favorite white shirt. 😦
The poor guy had to give me a laundry lesson right there in the basement of the apartment where we lived. I felt so badly about ruining his shirt and to this day, I never wash anything in hot.
Fast forward about 20 years. My son was eight (for you mothers with young children…that’s when chores are fun, by the way). I was determined he would be prepared to take care of himself in the basic life skills, so… I taught him to wash cloths and to clean the house. He’s 24 and still does a good job. My only regret, is that I didn’t teach him to cook. 🙂
What do wish you’d learned while you were young that would have made your adult life a bit easier?
Do you have any laundry or house hold tips you could share?
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16 thoughts on “I wish I’d learned to…before…”

  1. I never learned how to do laundry at home either, but my college was a seven hour drive away. I remember the first time I lugged my dirty clothes in the dorm’s laundry room (it was on the 26th floor and I lived on the 23rd floor) and threw all my stuff in the nearest machine. I put my money in and waited for the water to come in (I’d read the directions on the box of soap so I knew I wasn’t supposed to put it in until the water was in there) but the water didn’t come. It took a few minutes to realize the reason – the machine was a dryer. So I very casually (hoping no one saw me) took my stuff out and searched for a machine that looked a little different.

    1. That’s hysterical! Sounds like something I would have done, if I would have had to do laundry at school.
      Your story reminds me of the time I cooked my first turkey. I was a newly wed and had heard turkey meat was cheap, so I bought a small bird to roast for dinner. I left the bag with all the small body parts, gizzard, neck, etc. in the cavity and wondered why it took so long to cook!

      1. LOL! I solved that problem by marrying a guy who knows how to cook. When we worked out our division of labor, he took over cooking and laundry – and that’s fine with me!

  2. My husband and kids have no problem telling me how much I suck at cooking. I would kindly hand over my cooking duties over to my husband but he’s not interested. We tend to fend for ourselves now. If only I could get someone to do the dishes too!

    1. Lol! I have to say, at least my husband eats what I put in front of him!

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  3. I don’t even remember my mom teaching me how to do laundry. Somehow I learned the basics, but shrunk a few things in the process! Good for you teaching your son to do laundry at age 8! Wow! I had all mine doing their own laundry, but a little older than 8. I wish I’d taught my son how to cook, too! He leaves it all up to his wife.

    I’m glad my mom taught me to sew. Her sewing machine was a piece of junk and it didn’t like me, but at least I learned the basics and was able to sew curtains, drapes, mend clothes. I never liked to sew clothes, though. Probably because I hate following those patterns!

    1. Ah, sewing. My grandmother taught me how to do that. She was the local seamstress in Albany, GA many years ago. It’s how my parents met. My father went to see her for some mending and he saw my mother in the kitchen eating a slice of watermelon. Love at first sight! I used to love to hear him tell me the story! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, organize. Don’t even get me started on that one. LOL! I have to say I’m not the worst, I just come at it from some place in my right brain! For some reason, I’m always writing posts about the subject. Hummmm *scratches head* For me it’s baby steps and I feel certain I’ll master it some day!

      1. I just hope to grasp some concepts and use them. I start organizing one space, which leads to another space and a few others until I’m overwhelmed with stuff. I obviously have too much stuff. LOL! Here’s to baby steps!

  4. I’ve been de-cluttering on and off for years. I actually have empty drawers and have gotten rid of a few pieces of furniture! So, I know it works. Yay!

  5. It’s not domestic, but I wish I’d learned to value physical activity as a child, instead of always (gasp) staying inside reading books! If I had abs, the sitting around all day writing wouldn’t be so hard on my back!

    1. I hear you! But it applies more now than it did when I was growing up. I grew up in New Orleans and played baseball in the street with the neighborhood kids. I also took dancing lessons for years. Looking at me today, you’d never know it! LOL Then in high school I was a cheerleader but now I sit all day reading and writing! Gotta get moving that’s for sure! The few walks I take aren’t nearly enough to get me back in shape!

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