Free on Amazon-Day Two

Thank You to everyone who downloaded my book yesterday!

And, for those who didn’t have a chance, welcome to…

Day Two to Download, Keeper of My Heart!

In case you haven’t heard, it’s FREE exclusively on Amazon! 🙂

And what could be better than FREE

Here’s what readers are saying…

darcy flynn,“Keeper Of My Heart DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Katie and Max have a tangible chemistry throughout the story that was both entertaining, humorous, and competitive. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romance that isn’t typical or inappropriate.” Kara Grant

“You will love this book!! It was that good. The storyline was refreshing…If you are looking for a hot passionate romance book, you won’t find it in this but what you will find is a sweet romantic story of two people finding their way to one another… You will be delighted in the bantering between Katie and Max, you may even find yourself chuckling out loud a time or two.” Kat – Forever Book Lover

Please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!  Text them, email them, Skype them, call them on the phone, carrier pigeon…you get the idea!

Appropriate for 15 and up! 🙂

Let the Summer Begin!  🙂


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