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Stay the Course

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Now is about the time where most of our January resolutions might be showing signs of wear and tear. You’ve either fallen flat on your rear end, or you’re soaring… or if you’re like me, you’re somewhere in the middle.

I lost 10 pounds in February, but then gained it all back while spending a month with my son in Los Angeles. Have I told you how many fantastic restaurants he has within walking distance of his house?

Hugo’s, Barney’s Beanery, Basix and In and Out Burger is a short drive down the street! So, you’ll forgive me if I indulge. Or, actually, I must forgive myself for indulging. Because that’s usually what:

knocks me off track,

derails me from my original destination.

If you’re like me, you don’t forgive yourself from going on these little side trips to “eat-all-you-wantville”!

We tell ourselves we can’t do it,

we’re losers,

we have no self-discipline,

we’re never going to make it,

we may as well burn our skinny jeans.

And the negative talk goes on and on until we believe it!

Listen.  That little red devil on your shoulder, hates you!

He wants you to fail.

He wants you to be unhealthy,

to feel tired all the time,

to live in your clutter,

to stop writing,

to ________(file in the blank).

Be a Copy Cat. Find someone to emulate.

Maybe it’s a celerity or the gal who lives down the street. Just know you’re not alone in this. There are others out there like you and me. They’ve been in our shoes and they’ve made it. They’ve succeeded, they’ve carved a path for us to follow. They shown us how. We can look to them, be encouraged by them. Because they lost the weight, organized their closets and their life.

 Choose. Joy, a positive attitude, the “I can do it” spirit, to make the RIGHT decision.

Think of it this way. If you were driving down the road on the way to Disney World in Florida and you made a wrong turn and found yourself heading in the opposite direction toward New York, what would you do?

'Detour', via Lynn Kelley, Wana Commons
‘Detour’, via Lynn Kelley, Wana Commons

Stop and tool around the area, shop a little, eat out…

Okay, so you’ve lost a couple of hundred miles, but continuing in the wrong direction will only make things worse. You know that and I know that.

So, turn around already!

What’s your destination? Where do you want to go?

In the same way you plan your trip, plan for your weight loss, or your de-clduttering project. Start when things have settled down.  Sure, stop and take a break for that special anniversary, that big birthday. But don’t forget your ultimate goal.

So, say goodbye to the birthday girl, give her a hug and get back on the road.

Your destination awaits. Go!

Traffic LIght, Wikipedia
Traffic LIght, Wikipedia

How’s your progress? What’s de-railing you? Slowing your progress? What’s working? Tell us!

I love it when you share. I’m listening!

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6 thoughts on “Stay the Course”

    1. My problem is negative self talk. 🙂 I’m doing a lot better ejecting that stuff. Staying positive really helps. And…getting old certainly isn’t for sissies! LOL I’m right there with you, Pauline.

  1. It’s so easy to get off track! I’m grateful to have a supportive husband who helps me stay focused when I stray. I do the same for him. Right now, we’re getting back on track for eating right and exercising so we don’t have to buy larger clothes! Great post! 🙂

  2. Yes, husbands are helpful! Mine doesn’t need to lose weight so it’s a bit difficult when he has his ice cream every night while I have my plain greek yogurt. 🙂 It’s a good thing I love plain greek yogurt! It’s nice to have a partner, though. My sister-in-law is mine. We text our progress and failings to each other. 🙂

  3. About six weeks ago, I heard an indie author speak about her success story. Her story was so inspirational and has put me on the track I’m on now – which is totally different from what I had planned two months ago. But, its a plan I feel good about and one I haven’t allowed negativity to interfere with – for the first time ever!

    I’ve always allowed the negativity to seep into my head – whether its before I start something, halfway through, or the brilliant self-sabotaging method – right before I finish. I invest time and energy then tell myself I’m not good enough; I’ll never do it.

    But like y’all said, we’re all getting older and I’m running out of time. If I want to make a living as a published author, I’d better get my booty in gear.

    Here I am.

    As for the weight thing, I’ve had to come to peace with myself. I can’t lose weight like I used to and even when I could, I never lost enough. Then, I would gain it back before I had a chance to enjoy what I had lost (self-sabotager!!). So, my dh will never have a wife that looks like a movie star. But, I try to eat healthy most of the time and when I’m on vacation, I eat what I want. It’s okay to run off the road as long as I get back on.

    thanks for loaning me your soapbox. 🙂

    1. Hi Joni,

      I’d love to hear more about the indie author’s success story. Sounds inspirational. I can’t lose weight like I used to either. I’m hopeful that with a positive attitude and accepting those small detours without beating myself up, I’ll get there. It’s a way of life now not just a crash diet to get into those skinny jeans. I’m much more relaxed about it then I used to be.
      Any time you want to sound off on my blog, you go right ahead! It’s good for the rest of us to hear honest, heartfelt feedback. We know we’re not alone. 🙂

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