Streetlights Down Memory Lane

Mental Time Travel

As a little girl, I used to lay on the ground in the late afternoons and look up at the sky. I would stare and stare until I got lost in the eternal depths of the heavens. Sometimes a jet would fly overhead and I’d watch the jet stream until it disappeared.


This jet stream caught my eye minutes ago while I was relaxing on my deck. I was immediately transported to my backyard on Wilton Dr. in New Orleans. I could see everything around me. The back door of our postage stamp sized house, my mothers flower beds, the concrete slab, cool against my skin as I lay on my back. The freestanding single car garage behind me, the air cool against my cheek, just as it is now as I write this.

I’m watching the jet stream dissipate into thin air as I did all those years ago. And I wonder how life has gone by so quickly.

Just like that jet stream, it’s fleeting.

I love how the everyday things in life can transport us to another time or place.

Mental time travel! 🙂 It’s one of my favorite past times!

What is your favorite past time activity? What particular image or experience takes you down memory lane? A photograph? A particular corner in your home town? An object that jumps out at you when you open a junk drawer? A jet stream, miles high?

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6 thoughts on “Mental Time Travel”

  1. Thanks for the fun post, Darcy! It took me right back to my childhood: laying in the summer grass, watching white, puffball clouds drift and take temporary form in a blue, blue sky. Sigh…good times. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and take notice. I get so wrapped up in my own head that I forget to experience the moment. And bounce off of furniture because I’m not paying attention – one more reason!

    1. I agree, experiencing the moment is difficult with social media, news 24/7, work, family and life in general, constantly vying for our attention. Bouncing off the furniture is very familiar to me. Lol! I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂
      Thanks, L.E.

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