Streetlights Down Memory Lane

The White Poinsettia

Pink, Red and White poinsettias always graced my foyer at Christmas.
Pink, Red and White poinsettias always graced my foyer at Christmas.

The Christmas season, after I lost my mother, I was shopping at a local florist for my annual poinsettia purchase. My habit was to buy three large plants, one read, one pink and one white and cluster them in the entrance of my home.

On that particular day, I was on my way to a Christmas Coffee and decided to buy my three plants on the way to my friend’s house. When I got there, to my dismay, there were only three poinsettias left. I had planned to purchase a white poinsettia for my friend when I purchased my plants.

I remember standing there struggling with the decision whether to buy the last white poinsettia for her or for me. My mother had died the day after Thanksgiving three weeks earlier, so I was late getting my house decorated. I stood there, my heart still filled with grief and battled over the white plant.

I have to confess, normally, that wouldn’t have been a difficult decision for me. I would have kept the white one and gotten her something else. But for some odd reason I wanted my friend to have the white poinsettia. So, I give up the struggle and I bought the white plant for her and the red and pink one for me. Hopefully, I would find a white one later at another shop.

After loading the three large plants in my car, I made my way to her home. I knocked on her door. When she opened it, I was greeted, not only by her smiling face but by about a hundred red poinsettias that were sitting beautifully in clusters throughout her home.

My heart plummeted.  I should have kept the white poinsettia, rang over and over in my brain as I awkwardly stood there holding the white plant in my hands. It was definitely going to mess up her well planned Christmas decor. But, she graciously accepted it as I greeted her with a smile and a hug.

Disappointment washed over me as I realized I could have kept the white plant and given her something else. But, I pushed the selfish thought aside and enjoyed the gathering.

On the way home, I stopped by two more florists trying to find another white plant, but still no luck. Later, as I turned into my driveway I noticed something on my front porch. As I got closer and pulled to a stop I stared in amazement. Sitting on the front porch was an enormous white poinsettia.

Mouth gaping, I mounted the steps. I couldn’t believe it. In anticipation, I looked to see who the plant was from but there was no card. I carried it inside and in minutes, set it with the red and pink one in the entry way of my home.

For the rest of the holiday I told myself that an angel had delivered it.

There’s a part of me that would like to tell you that I never found out who sent the plant. That would make a good ending to my story wouldn’t it?

But, I found out four weeks later that the president of my garden club had delivered it as a gift from the ladies in memory of my mother.

But, during those four weeks, every time I looked at that beautiful white poinsettia, I was reminded that you can’t out give the Lord. To this day, I have no idea why I had such an internal struggle over whether or not I should keep the plant or buy it for my friend.

Was it so God could reveal a bit of himself to me during my time of grief? To show me even the little seemingly insignificant things in our lives are still important to Him? Do you think He was smiling when He watched my reaction from heaven?

It was comforting to know that He witnessed my struggle over something rather insignificant and chose to minister to me with a tangible object.

The old saying is true. God meets us where we are.

Has there been a time in your life where the Lord met a need in your life with something ordinary but extraordinary for you?

Please share. 🙂

Merry Christmas, y’all!

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8 thoughts on “The White Poinsettia”

  1. What a sweet Christmas story! And yes, God does meet us where we are. He takes the small things that we think he doesn’t care about and shows us that he does. And hopefully we realize that if he can take care of even those little things, he can take care of all! Merry Christmas, Darcy!

  2. Loved the story. After losing both of my parents, the holidays become a mix of joy and a little grief. The blessing, still getting together with my grandmother, uncles and aunts. My kids still want to spend Christmas with us too. My parents would have loved every moment. Now I’ll think of you and your mother every time I see a White Poinsettia. Thanks for sharing.

  3. …a mix of joy and a little grief. That’s exactly right. Sounds like we’re both blessed to share holiday’s and life’s important passages with our extended family! Thank you for your sweet comments. 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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